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Alberta Abbey is the new home of Portland Story Theater and Maverick Main Stage Productions. The Abbey also houses non-profits like Oregon Action and various independent and creative businesses, a church, entrepreneurs, artists, and other creative types.  Events at the Abbey have ranged from Weddings to Concerts, "Live" Theater, Fundraisers, Banquets, Dinner Theater, Holiday Parties, Competitions, Workshops and more.


The Abbey was originally built in 1924, which, when it began, included the downstairs portion; the top section was built later in 1939. Alberta Abbey has been known by various names, most recently Mallory Avenue Baptist Church.


In June of 2012, the church was acquired by Alberta Abbey Fellowship (AAF) whose mission has been to restore, revitalize, and offer it up to the community for mixed use.


At the Abbey, we have spaces available for rent on a per-use basis, and encourage long term relationships with the local community to use the space in creative ways. The Abbey values non-profits' contributions to the community, and with that we offer special non-profit pricing for 501c3s.


Private offices and studio spaces become available from time to time. These can be found under the tab labled "Space for Lease".  All together these spaces create a unique and vibrant community within the Abbey.


The following spaces are available for "Event Rental":


  • Auditorium with balcony seats -Capacity 400--Perfect for weddings or ceremonies, lectures, or live music.
  • Parlor-1000 sq feet, wheelchair accessible carpeted 2 entrances-for medium size gatherings, dinners, lectures, yoga, more.
  • Piano Lounge -Perfect for intimate gatherings.
  • Ballroom-2800 sq ft-Appropriate for almost any activity, includes a stage.
  • Large kitchen-Available for group cooking, classes, and prep space for catered events


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