Since 2012, the Abbey has been home to countless performances, community events, and celebrations. It also serves as work/office space for up to 10 artists and arts organizations at any given time. From the City’s perspective, all of this is commercial activity—and the Abbey hasn’t had all the appropriate permissions to fulfill its mission of serving as an affordable home for the arts.

We’ve applied to the City to make our operations legit, and they’re going to decide our fate in the fall. Please let them know that you support keeping the Abbey alive by clicking the image above and sending an email. When you click, a form email will show up with everything needed to lend your voice. Just be sure to:

1) Replace YOUR NAME with your name
2) Replace YOUR ADDRESS with your address

If you attempt to click on the above image and it opens in Chrome but want to use Gmail as the browser, click here instead of the image above to send the email in Gmail

One of the most effective ways to show the City how much community support is behind the Abbey is through grassroots donations. It’s similar to political campaigns, in that people showing verbal support is great—but putting dollars behind a cause shows an extra level of commitment. If you’re passionate about Portland’s arts ecosystem and want to make sure that there are affordable spaces available for artists to create and showcase their work, please show us some love by making a donation.

Any amount helps, our goal in the lead-up to the City’s decision in the fall is to get as many donors as possible. You can contribute as little as a dollar, and your donation will be tax-exempt to the maximum extent allowed by law. All funds raised through this donor drive will go toward helping us keep the use of our space as affordable as possible to the many artists and arts organizations across the city who fight every day to share their brilliance with the world.