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The Concept

We wanted to create a heart for the Abbey where tenants, neighbors, and the many artists who come through the building can mingle in an inviting setting. We approached Erica, owner of our beloved local coffeeshop The Arrow, who brought to our attention the many roasters that are rarely featured in the Pacific NW because the local scene is so robust. So we decided to collaborate on a concept that coffee lovers can rally behind while integrating a living room atmosphere into the building. Erica drives rotating roaster selection and pastries, and we create an environment that is the perfect place to blend work, leisure, and good conversation.

Current Roasters

Onyx Coffee Lab 

The current lineup is the Ethiopia Worka with hints of citrus and chocolate, the Colombia La Cristalina Natural with a unique grape note, and the Colombia Nariño Friends with warm honey and hazelnut flavors.


Cave Painter Coffee

Helmed by a hyper-local trio of N/NE Portland baristas, Cave Painter Coffee is an exciting newcomer to PDX’s roasting scene. Come by and sample the dedication that Dan, Dirk, and Taylor bring to their craft.